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Bereavement Resources

Many children and adults have found participating in a grief support group to be helpful. Some prefer individual counseling, while others find that they are able to get enough support or feel more comfortable with the support they get from within their social, family, and spiritual networks.

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Bereavement Groups
www.grievingchild.org Dougy Center for Grieving Children. This site allows you to search by town, state or zip to find a group or bereavement center near you.

www.nationalallianceforgrievingchildren.org Provides information on support groups around the country.

www.taps.org Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. Support for those affected by death of loved one serving in the US Armed Forces.

https://www.slapd.com/ Surviving Life After a Parent Dies (SLAP'd) is "a forum for teens who have coped with parental death to share their experiences with others who may understand."

www.hellogrief.org “A place to share and learn about grief and loss.” Lists state by state groups and resources.

www.moyerfoundation.org/programs/CampErin.aspx Camp Erin for grieving children and teens is held at 40 locations nationwide.

www.comfortzonecamp.org Bereavement Camp for Children.

www.campkesem.org Camps for kids affected by a parent with cancer.

www.childgrief.org Children’s Grief Education Association.

www.kidsaid.com A place for kids to help each other with grief and loss. Share artwork and stories, ask questions and find answers.

Online community of people dealing with grief.

www.centering.org Resources for people experiencing various kinds of loss.

www.rainbows.org International children’s charity dedicated to helping youth successfully navigate the grief process.

www.ashleydavisbush.com Online grief support group and website devoted to transitions and loss.

Information and resources about grief.

www.good-grief.org  Helping children cope with loss.

Note: Local hospices are also a good contact point for learning about a variety of local grief resources.

Resources for parents and schools:
Local bereavement group websites (see above for how to find one near you) often have helpful information about speakers, programs, books, etc. Here are just a few book selections:

Life and Loss: A Guide to Help Grieving Children
Linda Goldman, Routledge (2014)

Helping Teens Cope with Death, a guidebook from The Dougy Center (1999)

A Parent's Guide to Raising Grieving Children: Rebuilding Your Family after the Death of a Loved One
Phyllis Silverman and Madelyn Kelly, Oxford Press (2009)

When Grief Enters Your School
A Guide for Schools and Families
Jane Bradley Cameron
Bereavement Center of Westchester  (2008)

Understanding and Supporting a Child or Teen Coping with Death
Jane Bradley Cameron
Bereavement Center of Westchester (2006)

Como Comprender y Apoyar a un Nino o Adolescente Enfrentando a una Muerte
Jane Bradley Cameron
Bereavement Center of Westchester (2009)

Tear Soup
Pat Schweibert and Chuck Deklyn, Acta (1999)
Picture book format, but contains very helpful guidance about the grieving process for all ages.