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What Younger readers have said about IF ONLY:
“Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. IF ONLY is so genuinely real and extremely well written. The emotions captivated me, and I felt a strong connectedness with Corinna throughout the entire novel.”

Julia, age 14

“I read it in less than 24 hours.  You couldn’t talk to me I was so engrossed.  I loved it! … I repeat, it was amazing.”

Kathryn, age 13

“I especially loved the stuff about her friends and being a late bloomer.”

Caroline, age 11

“After reading IF ONLY, I really feel like I know how to talk to someone, say one of my friends, if one of their parents died. Reading IF ONLY also made me realize how hard it would be for me to lose a parent.  Thank you for writing an amazing book.”

Eve, age 12

"I love how real the story and topic is and how well the emotions are captured; I felt like I was living in Corinna's world and feeling everything she was! I think girls of all ages will be able to relate to Corinna's journey in IF ONLY."

Clare, age 16

What Adult readers have said about IF ONLY:

"To anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, every step of Corinna's journey from grieving to healing will feel familiar and true. As a mother, I wanted to hold her hand through the sleepless nights, painful reminders, unfulfilled plans, special occasions and unanswered questions. Words don't always work when someone is grieving, but this lovely story of a young woman getting through the death of her mother ‘tiny bit by tiny bit’ will be a godsend to teenagers and adults alike."

Maria Shriver, journalist and author of What's Heaven?, Ten Things I Wish I'd Known—Before I Went Out into the Real World, What's Wrong with Timmy?, What's Happening to Grandpa?, And One More Thing Before You Go..., and Just Who Will You Be? 

“Carole Geithner sensitively captures the journey of grief in her portrayal of the experiences of her thirteen-year-old heroine Corinna Burdette after the death of her Mom in If Only. Adolescents will find understanding and empathy as they deal with their own losses and those of friends. Adults will be reminded of the struggles of a bereaved adolescent feeling different yet desperately trying to fit in her world. If Only is destined to be a classic timeless story about loss, grief, and hope.”

Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, Professor, The College of New Rochelle,
Senior Consultant, The Hospice Foundation of America

“True, heartwarming, and funny…This story will validate, comfort and give hope to all who read it.”

Patty Donovan Duff, RN, Director of the Bereavement Center of Westchester

"I love how real these characters feel. I want to give Corinna a big hug and not let go."

Wendy Mass, author of 11 Birthdays and 13 Gifts

"...expertly depicts Corinna's journey through the stages of grief via the teenager's straightforward and honest voice.”

— Publishers Weekly